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Our Story

I would always wonder how my grandma did it
75 years old, brimming with life
A full head of hair, still glowing
So one day I asked her, and you know what she said?

She said: “Sweetie, it’s simple.  
the answers are all around us.
Man has just stopped listening.
Let the plants be your teachers."
So I took her advice. 
I made the plants my teachers.
And in time, they became my healers too.
This was the genesis of Jaydee’s Naturals 
Sustainably sourced, organic plant based products,

with no synthetic additives, that will leave your skin,

hair and spirit feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.
All thanks to grandma for sharing her secret with me :) 

“Jaydee’s Naturals:  Nature’s Secret to Sustainable Beauty”

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CEO of Jaydees Naturals

"Don t just think outside the box. Think like their is no box at all!"

Jodie Dublin-Dangleben is a Civil engineer, musician, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, mom, wife, natural hair guru, viral Youtuber and Tiktoker.

As the CEO of Jaydee’s Naturals, she promotes Sustainable Beauty through her line of all-natural and organic hair and skin products. Her company is the perfect matchmaker, marrying indigenous herbal and remedial culture with modern cosmetic formulation to create unique, high quality and effective products made from local and sustainably sourced ingredients.  She is currently pursuing an advanced diploma certification in organic cosmetic formulation in hair and skin care.


2015 - Awardee 767 Girls Rock


2018 - Valedictorian - World Bank s Women Innovator s Network in the Caribbean Dominica (WINC)

2020 - Awardee of Caribbean Export EURO 15,000 Direct Support Grant Programme

2021 - Winner of Inaugural National Development Foundation of Dominica (NDFD) Green Summit

2021 - Placed 3rd out of 750 regional applicants in OECS Green Idea Pitch

2021- Winner of Micropitch Caribbean (overall winner and  Best Entrepreneur Award & Social Media Award out of 180 regional applicants)

2021 - Keynote Speaker at Global Green Growth Insitute (GGGI) Project Launch

2022 - Special recognition award from GlobalWIIN (Global Women Innovators and Inventors Network)

2022 - Finalist EWC 

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