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LET THE PURGE BEGIN!... in your cosmetic cabinets!

2021. Yes! A year that merits its own sentence. The year 2022 however, brings renewed hope and most of us have started working on our New Year resolutions. Instead of planning to cut down on cheesecake and fried foods, we could maybe try some different goals for the New Year. So why not talk about some New Year skin and body care resolutions?

Having acne-free, blemish-free and moist skin is something we all want. Yet, it can seem that those who are the least invested in skin care products and routines are the ones who are genetically blessed with radiant, glowing skin. But do not despair! With a few tips from yours truly, those of you who have been dealt an unkind hand in the healthy skin realm will soon wave your skin woes behind.


Some of us periodically give our wardrobes an update. What about updating your bathroom cabinet for the New Year?

So let us set a date for our ‘Cabinet Purge.’ This does not mean that you should go throwing away everything in your cupboard to start afresh. Start off with items that are expired. Yes, I assure you that you are going to find a few of those that will not survive the cabinet purge. Most makeup products like liquid foundations and creams will succumb to the purge. Check for their expiry dates, or if it is so old that all the label print is gone, or it smells funny, or it has grown some fur – out they go!

Let us now look at the ingredients of those products that survived round one of the Cabinet Purge. If those contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), formaldehyde, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), and retinol then you should be wary of them, especially if you want to use safe ingredients – so Bye Felicia! Some of these products are known carcinogens and others can wreak havoc on our hormonal balance, which then leads to acne and other skin flare ups. GO GREEN, MY QUEEN!

At this point, your cupboard may be bare and some restocking is needed. Why not make the switch now to green, safe, sustainable, organic skin products?

Green Beautyis not only great for the planet but for our skin as well. We are becoming more aware of the importance of incorporating sustainable practices in our daily routines and beauty regimes should not be left out. When you use products with natural ingredients you can be sure that you are treating your skin and body to the best natural care.


To get the maximum benefits from your moisturizer, serum or body oil, rub and massage it in circular motions. Some of us slap on products, give a quick pass of the hand and we are done! Massaging the skin and muscle underneath it ensures proper absorption of the product into your skin by increasing blood circulation. Think of it as a “me time” mini spa ritual.


The process of skin exfoliation occurs naturally, but becomes less effective as we get up there in age. We no longer can sport our smooth baby bum skin without a little extra help from exfoliating products. You might be familiar with those containing microbeads which are nothing more than small round plastic pellets. These have now been banned in the UK, since they have been attributed to plastic pollution in our oceans! They are still available in our region, but as eco-beauty advocates for this New Year, let us opt for gentle, natural exfoliators. Coffee and sugar are very popular ones that will exfoliate without being too harsh. However, DO NOT USE THESE ON YOUR FACE! Exfoliators can cause some minor micro lacerations on the face, as the skin there is thinner and more sensitive.

Natural fruit acid peels are a much safer exfoliating option for our faces.


I know we lament frequently about our low water intake! For the New Year, let us become water babies! Staying hydrated with at least two litres of water daily helps our skin and body regenerate new cells. Coupled with exercise and a healthy balanced diet, you will immediately begin to feel and see the difference on your skin.

So as we wave goodbye to 2020 with much glee, let us usher in this New Year with skin as radiant as can be!


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